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Looking to update your worn or outdated kitchen cabinets?

5280 Cabinet Coatings, inc is the leader in kitchen and bathroom cabinet resurfacing (cabinet coating). We specialize in coating oak, maple, pine, particle board, etc. kitchens, bathrooms or anything made of wood or wood simulated materials. We provide you with a cost effective solution to refacing or remodeling your old kitchen. Our process and the materials we use will completely change the look of your kitchen…making it beautiful and modern. We use water based cabinet coating materials which dries as hard as factory oven baked enamel…much like what you see and feel from high end new kitchen cabinet makers. The final surface is smooth, yet durable…letting you enjoy your kitchen for years to come.

Pine Wood Cabinets Coated with Cameo Color and Glazed for Rustic Look
Pine Wood Cabinets Coated with Cameo Color and Glazed for Rustic Look


I could not be pleased enough!! The work was done in a timely manner and was done to perfection. Carey is a perfectionist and very pleasant. This has been a great experience and the cabinets look wonderful.

-Connie Webb

Our Process and What You Should Expect

5280 Cabinet Coatings will transform your kitchen in 1 week or less while providing a non-intrusive solution to remodeling or refacing your kitchen which could cost you thousands more above our cost. With our process, you can use your kitchen while we complete our process. Here’s how…

You select the color (Benjamin Moore);  and if you desire, a glaze, to accent the doors. Schedule a date with 5280 Cabinet Coatings, inc. and we will take care of the rest.

Day 1: Our coating specialist will be in your home the first day to remove the doors and drawers. We will spend the day coating the frames. We use a dustless method so all your items can remain in the shelves; please push everything back 2 inches from the front. Empty drawers and clear off all counters so we can complete the process in an easy and effective manner.  Please know, we “DO NOT” bring spray equipment into your home so there are no spray paint particles lingering in your home.

Day 2: If you have a large kitchen, we may need to spend a second day in your home.

Day 3-4: You can use your kitchen while we are busy working on your doors. Click the link above to learn our process.

Day 5: We return to your home and install all doors…your kitchen is now complete for you to enjoy for many years.

NOTE: We are perfectionist and meticulous…it’s because we take pride in what we do and our products/techniques. At each stage,  we will carefully inspect all doors and frames to ensure your cabinets and frames meet our highest standards. The result is smooth and yet durable kitchen cabinets.