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5280 Cabinet Coatings, inc is a kitchen cabinet painting company servicing the Denver, metro area. We are a small family business with over 30 years’ experience in the industry. Our customers can save thousands of dollars over traditional cabinet refacing or replacing by painting their existing kitchen cabinets or paint the frame and replace the existing doors with new shaker or raised panel doors. Most jobs takes only 1 week to complete.

Your Dream Kitchen Starts With The One You Already Have!

Shaker Door Replacement
Shaker Door Replacement

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Why Us?

5280 Cabinet Coatings, inc offers a non-intrusive solution to remodeling or refacing your kitchen. We do not park a trailer in front of your home and we do not spray in your home or garage. The cabinet boxes are carefully prepped and painted using a technique we developed years ago to ensure durability and a beautiful look. The doors and drawer fronts are painted in our shop under a controlled environment.

It typically takes 1 week to complete a kitchen; that’s normally 2-3 days in your home. You can still use your kitchen while we are not there working. You will not have doors for a few days. Look on the bright side? You now know where everything is located without opening doors.

  • 1 Week to complete for 90% of kitchens; normally 2 days in your home.
  • No need to be out of your home during our process; you can cook and use your kitchen when we are not present.
  • Maintenance on our painted cabinets is as easy as wiping them down with a damp cloth and diluted Dawn for grease build up.
  • Doors and Drawers are sprayed at shop; not in your garage or your house.
  • We use a, low VOC, water based cabinet paint coating which dries hard and gives your kitchen a high look.
  • We do not overwhelm ourselves with too many projects at one time so that allows for us to develop a lasting relationship with our customers.
  • Having trouble selecting a color? We have painted thousands of kitchens using our durable paint coatings and can off help with paint color selection.
  • 5 year warranty against paint peeling or cracking.

Why paint your kitchen cabinets?

It’s not as easy as it may look on shows like HGTV or websites like Houzz.com and Pinterest.com. We have seen a lot of bad cabinet painting jobs completed by individuals who do not know how to prep properly or know what materials to use. Yes, some so called professionals too. It even makes us cringe when we see painters on HGTV spray the cabinets with doors still on the boxes; unfortunately this will not last.

So why paint your cabinets? The simple answer is because the cost of replacing or even refacing a kitchen is costly and time consuming. We typically tell our customers you can save money and time by painting if the layout or style of the cabinets will not change. We do offer new shaker or raised panel doors if you have an undesirable looking door style and the boxes are in good condition.

What our customers are saying – visit testimonials page for more from our customers. 

I could not be pleased enough!! The work was done in a timely manner and was done to perfection. Carey is a perfectionist and very pleasant. This has been a great experience and the cabinets look wonderful.

-Connie Webb

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