Our Process and What to Do Before We Start

5280 Cabinet Coatings uses a non-intrusive kitchen cabinet painting (cabinet paint coatings) process we developed a long time ago. This unique process leaves your kitchen clean and you can use it while we are not inside working. We do NOT bring in spray equipment nor do we use hazardous materials in your home. All our materials are water based, low VOC products. It takes us 5 work days to completely change the look of your kitchen. We will spend 2-3 days in your home; depending on the size of your kitchen. The the remaining days is spent in our shop where we properly prep and spray paint each door and drawer front.

Your home work is to select a Benjamin Moore  or  Sherwin William’s color for us to color match.


Push all items in the cabinets back 2-3 inches from the front of the cabinet or remove large or stacked items. Remove all items inside glass cabinets if we are painting the inside.

  • Empty all drawers, even the pullout/rollout shelves in the bottom cabinets.
  • Clear off all counter tops.
  • Pull the refrigerator if necessary. It is not necessary if the refrigerator is tight or boxed inside the cabinet. Please note: we are not responsible for the water line.
  • Have hardware pulls and knobs ready on day 1 if you are replacing them.
  • We offer soft closing door hinges too! Sorry we do not offer them on drawers or cabinets with external hinges.

Day 1: Our paint coating specialist will be in your home the first day to remove the doors and drawers. We will spend the day painting the frames with our durable paint coating. We gently sand the frames so all your items can remain inside the cabinet if you desire; please push everything back 2 inches from the front. Please know, we “DO NOT” bring spray equipment into your home so there are no spray paint particles lingering in your home blown around from the furnace.

Day 2: If you have a large kitchen, we may need to spend a second day in your home. Otherwise we’ll be in the shop working on your doors.

Day 2-4: At the shop…we examine each door for repair and prepping for paint. Each door is handled with care as we wash, hand and machine sand, apply a bonding primer and apply 2 coats of our coating products. The doors dry smooth for a factory looking finish. You can continue to use your kitchen throughout the week.

Day 5: We return to your home and install all doors and drawer fronts…your kitchen is now complete for you to enjoy for many years.

We are a small family business and we take a lot of pride in what we do and how we developed our process, products and the techniques. At each stage, we will carefully inspect all doors and frames to ensure your cabinets and frames meet our highest standards.

We are perfectionist and meticulous…it’s because we take pride in our product and what we do.

Please consider 5280 Cabinet Coatings, inc for your next project.

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