Cabinet Maintenance and Cleaning

Your kitchen has a fresh new look and you’d like to keep it looking fresh and new. Here’s what we recommend. The materials we use to coat your cabinets will cure and harden over time so please follow these instructions for maintaining your new coated cabinets.

Cleaning – Use a damp warm cloth to gentle clean spills, dirt and grease. Do not scrub or you’ll dull the surface. It’s best to gentle wipe. If you have house cleaners then have them dust the cabinets with each cleaning to remove daily dust.

Warning!!! Never use abrasives or cleaners. These materials might damage or dull the finish.

Using the Cabinet Coating Touch Up Kit

Accidents happen and it’s why we’ve provided you with a Cabinet Coating Touch Up Kit. If the coated surface has been damaged, simply dab or brush the damaged area with a Q-tip or a small paint brush. Apply a small amount and leave to dry…the coating will self level and smooth itself on the damaged area. Allow time for the coating to dry before applying a second coat; but only if a second coat is needed. A second coat is rarely needed.

NOTE: Remember to dab or brush gentle once or twice. Do not work the surface with too much coating or the area will not be smooth.